forbidden toast (maskedmuggle) wrote,
forbidden toast

Friends Only, Punk

Opps, sorry! You've been PWNed!

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This is now a friends only journal.

Comment for me to add you, these are the only requirements for me friending you:

1. You know me inside school or though forums/livejournal communites. I post some personal stuff in here, and I have to trust you. That just all there is too it.
2. We have at least ONE thing in common... seriously, I dont want you to bore me to death... or visa versa
3. Eh, comment on one of my entries once in a while? I feel unloved, and who knows, I may return the favor ^^;
4. Leave a note here, don't just add me or I won't know who the hell you are ^^;

I have every right to deny you friendship, so if I deny your entry your screwed, and that's it.
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